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6 - 12 Feb 2023, The Golden Boulder 

Breathe. Create. Transform.

Dabaki Artist Residency is a week long immersive experience to rejuvenate your body, transform your mind, collaborate with like-minded creatives and gain invaluable skills.

We invite you to a unique transformative experience designed to lay foundation for a productive journey ahead. Join a tribe of dreamers, creators, entrepreneurs, influencers, teachers and trailblazers, for a week at the Golden Boulder Campus in Telangana.

From starting your day with body movement, to immersive workshops, to play sessions in the evenings, to bonfires and performances at night, every moment of the residency is carefully designed to transform your life. Walk away with a healthy mind & body, opportunities for the future and a treasured network of friends. Your tribe awaits you.

The Golden Boulder

Wake up to the sounds of nature. Lose yourself to the singing of birds. Take a walk in the farms. Climb boulders and hills. Live amidst the lap of nature. Welcome to the home of our residency, The Golden Boulder - a 48 acre farm-campus transitioning into a forest-campus with a thriving natural ecosystem and mindful human habitation.