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What Is Dabaki?

Dabaki is a multidisciplinary artist collective dedicated to curating experiences and creating content.


The word ‘dabaki’ comes from the trifecta of Da-Ba-Ki, which are inspired from cultures around the world. ‘Da’ (Italian) refers to ‘where you're from’, ‘Ba’ (Egyptian) refers to ‘the soul’ and ‘Ki’ (Chinese) refers to ‘the universal energy connecting us all’. Dabaki is the journey of art through which we discover answers to these three questions - Where do we come from? What feeds our soul? Where do we go?

We collaborate with globally relevant brands and organizations to curate immersive experiences and produce engaging content inspired by these experiences. Through these productions, we feature some of the most authentically wired artists of today and aim to spread awareness about various arts and cultures. 

Our Productions - Workshops, Dabaki Rising, Art In Motion & Dabaki Artists Residency. 

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